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A little about me

I can't say I've arrived on the scene, and I'll never know when I have. I just make things. I've been creating, drawing, and painting for as long as I can remember. Back then I was inspired strictly on imagination. Now it's hard to say what inspires me, but I need to tap into that child like intuition. My favorite medium is watercolors, but I also enjoy, cooking, sculpting, photography, writing, and making music. Artists, let's help each other out. I'm open to ideas, suggestions, or just making new friends!

Art, like many other things in life, is subjective. So how do you know when you've created something great? You don't. All we can do is expressive ourselves as best we can. So start looking at the pain as blessings in disguise, channel all of that energy, and turn it into something YOU consider great.

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